LONDON, England– Gibraltar Capital Group announces New Financial Instrument and Capital Fund Raising Program at the World Economic Conference. The Revolutionary Bank Investment Product – known as the REVPAC. Revenue Participation Capital bond (REVPAC BOND) – offered to world financial institutions and investment banking underwriters - launches Gibraltar Capital’s IPO Underwriting Programs, scheduled at $2B for fiscal 2018-2019.

London – Gibraltar Capital Announces New Revolutionary Bank Investment Product for World Capital Markets

LONDON, England – Gibraltar Capital Directors debut Unique Capital Fund Raising Program to World Banks and Financial Institutions at World Economic Conference.LONDON, England – Gibraltar Capital Directors debut Unique Capital Fund Raising Program to World Banks and Financial Institutions at World Economic Conference.

A new financial instrument, wrapped around an innovative Capital Fund-Raising Program, made its debut at the World Bank Emerging Business Summit. The Unique and Revolutionary Bank Investment Product, engineered by the Gibraltar Capital Group, is designed as an alternative solution to underwriting equity IPOs and debt obligations for new and emerging business ventures. The capital innovation is offered to world banks and to financial underwriters in the wake of exigent and expanding demands by the world’s capital markets for a dependable global IPO fulfillment delivery system.

The debut announcement comes only weeks after the global release of the publication: REVPAC – Revenue Participation Capital – BONDS. The New Revolutionary Financial Instrument – Changing the Way We Fund New Ideas – ISBN 978-0-692-93734-1.

The new financial instrument, known as the REVPAC – Revenue Participation Capital – BOND is a revenue driven financial product that streams a portion of the gross revenues of the business venture to REVPAC BOND holders - directly from the Point-of-Sale (P.O.S) to Digital Smart Cards – IN REAL-TIME! The innovative key feature of the new Financial Instrument is the potent combination of "fractionalizing" future gross receipts of commerce and venture enterprises - coupled with an Investment Redemption Guaranty! Combining investment risk-insurance with multiple Return-on-Investment potential.

Unveiling the new financial instrument, Terrance Wilkinson, spokesman for Gibraltar Capital stated, “REVPAC BONDS" is the culmination of an intense trans-national / multi-bank development effort toward perfecting an investment instrument capable of solving the multitude of problems inherent in the emergence and expansion of innovative commercial ventures. The architects of REVPAC BONDS looked “forward to the past” when investors were truly partners in a venture and shared in the commercial success through meaningful revenue participation yields, distributed directly from the marketplace without middle-management interference.

The significance for Investment Capital-side Economics...

...IMAGINE! Investing in the National Master License Franchisor of Burger King for California and owning a DIME-per-DOLLAR on every meal that every Franchise in the California Network sells...

The impact for Supply-side Economics...

...IMAGINE! A Walmart Cashier – in Los Angeles – rings up a sale for 5 Lbs. of frozen Shrimp... The electronic terminal at the Point-of-Sale (P.O.S) digitally transfers 10% of the sale to the Bank Depository Lockbox ... which is instantaneously ‘STREAMED’ to the REVPAC Smart Cards of the Cooperative in Costa Rica that harvested the Shrimp – three weeks ago!”

Putting “Teeth” into Litigious Recourse against Intellectual Property (IP) Infringement:

The centerpiece of the REVPAC BOND, is the Intellectual Property rights (protecting the enterprise) – that collateralizes the yield entitlements of the investment capital. The Bond yield entitlements are based on a portion of the gross revenue receipts of the enterprise and the Bonds are registered as bank instruments within the jurisdictions wherein the enterprise is developing its commerce. Since, the jurisdiction of registration is also the future provenance of the prospective yield entitlements, any infringement of the intellectual Property, qualifies as a direct infringement on the registered bank instrument. Thusly, usurping the financial domain of the bond.

Now, via the citation of Banking, Financial, Securities, Trade, Commerce, Insurance VIOLATIONS (Civil, Mercantile and Penal) – swift legal court action can be achieved to secure Temporary Restraining Orders (TROs).

The practical – economic and IMMEDIATE impact of seeking TRO relief … is that: The TRO action expedites immediate relief and is an effective measure to enforce the staunching of potential erosions to the Revenue Entitlements of Proprietary Properties (Business Venture).

Especially poignant for the court, is the argument for Rapid Court Resolutions – to protect the small private investor in Revenue Participation Capital (REVPAC) Wraps – that may well fall within the scope of WIDOWS AND ORPHANS PROTECTION LAWS of the jurisdictions – wherein the alleged infringement is brought before the court. .

This legal action puts “teeth” into litigating the Infringements of Property Rights that has hitherto been lacking in the global trade and capital marketplace.

Especially significant, is that Certificate of Revenue Entitlement funding is a dramatic departure from equity and debt financing – particularly in view of the current drastic downturn of venture capital equity underwritings and the resultant lack of available financial resources to fund emerging business endeavors. REVPAC BOND funding does not dilute the equity or encumber recourse debt for the issuer – the new financial instrument operates solely on the basis of “indenturing” future potential revenues of a business venture.

Mr. Wilkinson also stated, “Furthermore, the REVPAC BOND Financial Instrument , once and for all, levels the playing field for investment capital-side and supply-side contributors of emerging business ventures...and removes the obstacles to opportunity that are integral – by design – in today’s traditional capital-financing theories, methods and practices.

Revenue Participation Bonds – being gross revenue driven – afford Investment Risk Management Organizations the opportunity (for the first time) to underwrite investment risks within the venture capital and small cap investment sectors. In essence, the REVPAC BOND Financial Instrument combines the best of what investment risk management has to offer with the best of what Venture Capital/Small Cap Investment Banking should be all about – the minimizing of risk- the maximizing of potential reward- and the surety of fiscal fiduciary integrity/accountability for the investment.”

In closing the presentation, Ian Wellington, Chairman of Gibraltar Capital Group concluded, “Gibraltar Capital and its Banking Partners are hard at work to provide solutions to a number of high-priority deficiencies in vetting, packaging and monitoring investment opportunities within the Venture Capital/Small Cap investment banking sector and to offer readily accessible capital for small business enterprises and safe/effective investment opportunities for the investment public.

“The business of underwriting new and emerging business ventures may one day be dominated by Revenue Participation Contracts, as the global investment community recognizes that the more modern and unified system of Revenue Participation capital underwriting is vastly more lucid and equitable at all strata of the funding-reward process than the current practice of underwriting equity instruments and interest-bearing debt obligations.”

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