Global & European Economic Report – Signals urgent need for Alternative Fund Raising Programs for 2016

LONDON, England– Gibraltar Capital Directors deliver Global & European Economic Report for 2015 at International Bankers Forum. Announces its New Capital Fund Raising Program – to be known as C.O.R.E. (Certificates of Revenue Entitlement) CAPITAL Programs– to be unveiled to European Bankers in London during 2nd Quarter 2016.

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Gibraltar Unveils New Financial Instrument and Bank Investment Product for Global Capital Markets

LONDON, England– Gibraltar Capital Group announces New Financial Instrument and Capital Fund Raising Program at the World Economic Conference. The Revolutionary Bank Investment Product – known as the Certificate of Revenue Entitlement (CORE) – offered to world financial institutions and investment banking underwriters - launches Gibraltar Capital’s IPO Underwriting Programs, scheduled at $2B for fiscal 2014-2015.

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Gibraltar Capital launches trans-national Recruitment Campaign to expand Global Financial Network

LONDON, England– Gibraltar Capital announces World-wide financial talent search to recruit key players – in preparation for the unveiling of new revolutionary financial instrument and unique IPO underwriting programs – to stimulate global Venture Capital funding. The campaign is designed to add 2,500 new career positions within Gibraltar's global network to facilitate anticipated US$2B Venture Capital placement within fiscal 2014.

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